Tree of Life box



Fabric: 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane

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Tree of Life box

All Griffon Socks kits come in branded boxes

Tree of Life box

All boxes come in craft packages with brand sticker

Tree of Life box

All boxes come in craft packages with brand sticker

Tree of Life box

We want every moment you spend with Griffon Socks to bring you joy

Tree of Life box
  • we use 100% natural combed cotton
  • designs on socks are machine knitted
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • double-layered cuff
Tree of Life box
  • we use 100% natural combed cotton
  • designs on socks are machine knitted
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • double-layered cuff



A deep symbolism for the Slavs was the guardian, who was depicted as a woman with raised hands – the guardian of the hearth, the protector from adversity and the mistress of human destinies. She protected housing, small children, family welfare.

40 -48 wedges

Each wedge denoted a different type of human activity or natural phenomenon. It is believed that the triangle with the top up (flame) symbolizes the masculine principle, spirituality, creativity; and the triangle with the top down (bowl) is a feminine principle, wisdom. 48 wishes.

Infinity or curve

Symbolizes water. Water existed before the creation of the world, and it is from it that the sun arose, the earth is all living – that is why it identifies both eternity and the flow of time.

Also, water cleanses from physical and mental dirt – And water is the embodiment of life-giving feminine and natural principles.

Tree of life

This ornament symbolizes the model of the universe, where everyone has their place, combines the concepts of space, time, life and death. Divided into 3 parts: the underworld (roots), the earthly world (trunk), the heavenly world (crown). Also, 3 parts can be identified with the family – father, mother and child.

Animals in folk paintings and beliefs:

Sheep, lamb – a symbol of humility, innocence, boundless love, a symbol of wealth, good fortune, masculine strength, fertility, fire.

Horse – A symbol of the relentless movement of the sun, the male basis in nature. Deer is considered the guardian of truth.

Sheep protect against evil, promote creativity, renewal, wealth and prosperity.

Bird The bird symbolizes the human soul. Birds symbolize happiness and love.

Rooster Symbol of light, fire and militancy.

Pisces Represents water, life and health, as well as baptism.


Symbolizes the sun and the morning star. Includes oblique cross, straight cross, as well as left and right swastikas. In folk symbolism – an invariable symbol of love.


Red – is probably the most significant color and the oldest. It symbolizes goodness, joy of life, for young people – hope for a happy marriage. The red egg itself is the main symbol of the Resurrection, sacrifice and heavenly fire. It also symbolizes the blood shed for the resurrected Savior and the joy of life.

Yellow – celestial light, heat, harvest.

Green – means the spring awakening of nature, hope, life.

Blue – sky, air, purity and health.

Brown, brown – the earth and its hidden life force.

Black – the color of the night, the afterlife, all the unknown and secret. In pysanka, as a background, it reveals the power of other colors, just as in life, darkness makes it possible to understand what light is. It also symbolizes the infinity of human life, the continuation of existence after death.


The production uses high-performance equipment from Czech, French and Italian companies, raw materials from leading European, Ukrainian and Turkish manufacturers, highly qualified engineering and production staff. This allows us to make you comfortable, comfortable, durable socks of high quality with a unique design. Griffon Socks can be worn by both men and women. Thanks to the size of “unisex” everyone in your family will find their perfect boxing.

We have full-fledged socks, so choose exactly your size.

If you suddenly have complaints about our product – you can always contact us and we will solve any problem.

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