About us

Griffon Socks is a family venture with a dream to create high-quality and beautiful socks in Ukraine

It all started when Maria and Denis decided they wanted to create something more than just socks. They aimed to design socks that would not only be of great quality but also evoke emotions: joy, smiles, and love.

Today, each box represents a unique story. When you receive your box, you not only get socks that will serve you well for a long time but also a piece of our team's soul. To create each box, we collaborate with various Ukrainian artists and designers. Our brand's mission is to promote Ukrainian culture and make a positive impact on society. We are passionate about the diversity of our homeland and strive to popularize its culture. Our products draw inspiration from events, places, and people who collectively shape Ukrainian identity and national consciousness. All of Griffon Socks' products are exclusively made in Ukraine.

Our brand has gone through an extensive search for the best technologies, materials, and equipment for you. To come to life, our socks pass through several dozen hands, each playing an indispensable role. Lightness, comfort, and temperature regulation are our ultimate goals. The designs are crafted in collaboration with our artists, making them truly unique.

We aim to provide an atmosphere where you are always welcome, where you'll find all the information you need, and where we'll promptly send not just socks but a piece of our soul. 🤍